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Facilities Management

Statutory Compliance

Giving you peace of mind that you’re up to scratch

Supporting you to make sure your working environment meets legal requirements – from auditing, to making recommendations, to completing the required paperwork.

Project Management

Making every job run smoothly

Supporting you through big and small changes. Whether its relocating printers within your office, installing a new canteen or moving office- we take on the project and manage it from start to finish, to the highest standard.

Cost Management

Are your pounds working as hard as they could be?

Supporting you to evaluate your facilities related costs and then work to increase efficiencies by introducing new service level agreements and revised quotes.

Tenders and Contracts

A streamlined approach

Supporting you to organise your tenders and contracts process to allow a more co-ordinated approach to working with your valued contractors.

Business Continuity Planning

Think ahead of the game

Supporting you prepare a business continuity plan for your office and put in place the necessary arrangements to make sure your business can operate under circumstances outwith your control.

Planned Preventative Maintenance Plans

Adopting a proactive approach

Supporting you put in place planned preventative maintenance plans for your office such that you start to work in a proactive way.